Full Videos

Service Video for Arktico – manufacturers of biomedical freezer and refrigeration systems
A rush job -During our internship for Multimedia Design the employer asked us to make this video in 3 days, in time for a trade show.  We planned, filmed, animated and edited.The day before deadline they asked for an English narrative. The problems we encountered during the process were solved quickly through team effort.
I did this VO without practice or organized planning. The result is far from perfect, but we completed this video to the customer’s satisfaction.

Come Together
Typographic music video
– This is the result of an assignment in Advanced Media Technology for PBA in Web Development. Made in Adobe After Effects. A collaboration with a fellow student.
And yes I do still like “Come Together” by the Beatles.

Service Video for Arktico
Instruction Video
– One of many videos we made during our internship and following study job.
We worked in a team of three, with assistance during some of the filming from the Service Director.
I filmed, clipped and edited, wrote the narrative in English and spoke the VO.

Mike the Monkey
Just the movie
– Group project for Advanced Medie Technology course. The final product was an interactive video game, with various activities, not included here. This version is to show the storyline, animations, narrative and sound.I was responsible for the narrative, music, VO, and some of the animations and some of the editing. I used Adobe Story to write the script, Audition for the audio, AfterEffects for the animation, and PremierPro for editing and combining the audio with the video.

Starupwood – Photo-tour 2013
of product reference photos. I have photographed properties for this company since 2008.
These are from a photography trip around Denmark in 2013.

Sort som Kul
Alternative Music Video
–  Film project for Multimedia design. A film based on a song by Business Stress Express. In a group of 5 we wrote the script, filmed, acted and edited.

Voice Over Sample videos