Day Five – Photo Week

Day Five Oct. 29th, 2016

It’s Saturday – though being unemployed, the days flow into each other, and weekends are just like the other days of the week… I get up around 8 am, and it’s just getting light.

I haven’t yet decided what i want to photograph today, so I wait until something inspires me.

I read a bit in the Nadine Blacklock Photography book – ’15 years in a photographers life’

Variations on a theme, a theme with variations. So thinking I will try to see my usual motifs in a different way, I go out into the morning with my camera.

Out comes our dog, and I get a few shots of her, then the cat comes along and my idea for the day shifts – I ‘ll try to take pictures of our cat Sherlock being charming……..

Again, I got carried away, and couldn’t stick to my motif plan. And Sherlock got tired of being chased around by a camera.

But what the heck, I got some good photos of a grasshopper.