Day Seven – Photo Week

Day Seven – Oct 31st Happy Halloween! I loved halloween when i was growing up. I made an original costume, I had parties where we bobbed for apples, Went trick or treating and ate lots of candy. Of course we carved pumpkins. I brought the tradition of the pumpkin carving, and candy eating with me […]

Day Six – Photo Week

Day Six – October 30th, 2016 Slept late, and was uninspired, to take pictures and lost for ideas of what to photograph. So, Aound 2 pm we drove to Ribe to go for a walk. There are some woods and the stream there. I still hadn’t any idea of a theme, so I just shot what […]

Day Five – Photo Week

Day Five Oct. 29th, 2016 It’s Saturday – though being unemployed, the days flow into each other, and weekends are just like the other days of the week… I get up around 8 am, and it’s just getting light. I haven’t yet decided what i want to photograph today, so I wait until something inspires […]

Day Four – Photo Week

Day Four – Oct. 28th, 2016 Raining……  So, I started a little later today. Around 8:45 am. I decided today I’d follow the theme – Round or Circle. And I limited myself to the area around our front stoop. Ok – the fenced in area, around the entrance to our house…. Amazing how many round or circular things […]

Day Three – Photo Week

Day Three Another dark – damp morning…. But the sun did appear a little later on. And the temperature is warmer – I don’t need mitlets today. I decided to try to limit myself with a theme today: LINES Which could be anything, but I thought I’d stick to non-nature – man made stuff around […]

Day Two – Photo Week

Day two – Wed. Oct. 26th, 2016 Got up and out a little earlier today. Thought I look for spiderwebs.  There was dew on things, but no frost this morning. It was a little dark for my camera. I’m using a Canon 400 D – which isn’t very light sensitive. I started a little before […]

Day one – Photo Week

Day One – October 25th, 2016 First night frost this fall. Beautiful morning and I woke up needing to take pictures. I was inspired by a bookI started reading, of my Mom’s, that my sister thought I should have, ’15 years from a photographers life by Nadine Blacklock.’ Photography is art. I am sharing with others […]